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June 2, 2018: Off Beats 1: I Eat Animals EP
Time: about 17 minutes

Release Date: June 2, 2018

Track List:

04. I Eat Animals 5:01
05. No Place to Park (2010 mix) 3:17
06. 80s TV 6:30
10. Zorch 2:24

Track Details:

01. "I Eat Animals" (released on 8/1/2010) - Benny Bell would have liked the song. It's a politically incorrect salute to all of the meat eaters.

02. "No Place to Park (2010 mix)" (released on 6/5/2010) - no place to park? That's a major problem. It's a comedy rap commentary on overcrowded parking lots and the businesses who don't get the rapper's business simply because there's no place to park his car. The businesses underestimated the number of parking spaces to include in their property.

03. "80s TV" (released on 6/5/2010) - yet another original rap, this time, sort of like 70 lines about 35 TV shows. Every two lines weaves in a name of a popular TV show from the 80s at the end of the pair.

04. "Zorch" (released on 8/19/2008) - is a lyrical parody of The Monkees' track "Zilch" and serves as a tribute to the late novelty singer Nervous Norvous.

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June 2, 2018: Off Beats 1: I Eat Animals EP
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