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Modest Melodies 5: Dinner EP

June 28, 2018: Modest Melodies 5: Dinner EP
Time: about 17 minutes

Release Date: June 28, 2018

Track List:

01. One-Second Radio Jingle 00:05
02. Dinner 01:55
03. Crazy Hip Hop 03:14
04. How 04:12
05. ISGD Theme (2008 mix) 01:07
06. Thunderstreet 2007 mix 01:05
07. KSB early take 05:10

Track Details:

01. "One-Second Radio Jingle" (2008, released on 6/9/2009) - a simulation of a one-second jingle that radio stations used to use way back then.

02. Dinner (2008, released on 1/11/2011) - used in the fake commercial sendup "HDTV Dinners".

03. "Crazy Hip Hop" (2011, released on 11/4/2014) - doesn't seem to be the backing for any of my cuts. It's not for the "Humidman" sketch.

04. "How" (2014, released on 11/4/2014) - a backing track for a song for a track in the past.

05. "ISGD Theme (2008 mix)" (released 6/9/2009) - this was used on the "I Still Get Demented Podcast Edition" show in 2008.

06. "Thunderstreet (2007 mix)" (released on 2/26/2008)

07. "KSB early take" (2004, released on 11/4/2014) - an early backing track for "Kirk Spock Bones" form 2008.

Where To Buy:
June 28, 2018: Modest Melodies 5: Dinner EP
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